Past memories started taunting from within
I lost the moment in which I lived
Reflections threw me into a wildfire
In which my breath and life withered like an autumn leaf!

Did you ever feel, the way I did?
What’s your love affair with eternal silence?
Seasons of quietness commanded those lips, why?
Neither u felt, nor you uttered anything for me, how come?

Your presence was a crowning moment for my heart
Yet I hovered around scattered moments and broken feelings
In my being was you and I was naked in your being
Even my shadow looked and cried at me, ‘You bastard’

My mirror

My eyes spoke volumes,
But a magnitude of placid reactions prevailed in yours

I saw life and reality in you,
But I remained an abstract to your eyes

You were a million colours and I, a colourless self;
You were truth, even in my shadow and I saw a reflection of blatant lies

You were a happy festival for me,
And I endured the mourning funeral of myself

Yours was a story complete,
And I was even scared to pen down the first word of my story, yet.

My story will end with you,
My story will end with you only!



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