The winter air ushered, a puzzled splash on my face
the skies bowed and when the two worlds met
You spoke volumes, even in my silences!

Who are you? Where am I?

The passion for you
the fear of maddening hope,
then the poison in love
I choked down in the ocean of tears!

Among all these, Where am I?

The darkness have become more dense
the light stares at me, with so much anguish
I’m breaking, but not for the first time
my lucky stars are drowning along with me!

This living and not even living
is no better than dying!
Miles and miles of empty air
even the woollen clouds offers no solace!

We were like that of earth and sky
which came close, yet the distance never reduced
such an unfinished story we were!

When I wrote your name in the sands of time,
thought, you penned my name too,
but realized just in the waters, in the waters!

Among the shambles of life torn apart
your voice was the most joyous music
I ever listened to, you ~ the delighted soul!

The fragile flame shines no more
the last light of my life have abandoned me
yet, let me breathe, let me breathe
Up to that final day!


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