The illusion in your eyes

dwelling in the most untrodden ways

took my life for a ride

riddles were you? ain’t you?


I know, you would never fade away

But I’m scared; I’m deadly scared as

one more day wears off, my million tears

just needs an emotion, a smile & a kiss!


When my time is done, you can bury me

on those widespread blue skies

everytime, you see up, believe

I’m there; I’m right up there!


On those blue days, when you walk home lonely

Believe I’ll be your shadow, walking you home

the words, you always wanted to utter

say it then, I’ll be listening to every story of yours!


When you sit and admire the sunset ashore

Believe I’m the infinite tears that

rolls down as waves, trying to reach your feet

each time, but dying perpetually in every try!


When you sip that coffee on a mountain pass

Believe I’m the words, which you read in the book

Realise every word I said, then and now

was true and eternal!


Meeting you, was a written destiny

But most destiny boats gets ashore

unlike ours ~ ain’t they?

Oh God, you are such a bastard!!!!


A life, which I craved for centuries

is dying, I know, I’m slipping away

my breath is heavy, my vision blurs

my heart beat dwindles away slowly!


This world means nothing to me

Either, I breathe here or not

You’ll be part of my every journey

In life and death, in life and death!


Can you walk me home one last time?

I’ll inhale your breath, once more

I’ll gaze your eyes, once more

I’ll live with you, once more

And I’ll be home then, ‘ll be home!


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