I sketched an invisible dream
portraying my love in cream,
the ivory clouds and the magnanimous moon
hiding under the adorned cosmos,
the undone art, was as beautiful as
black and white soaked in eyes!
Coming down the pike, I was left screaming
as the painting fell off stream!

Frozen! I was in bits and pieces, perturbed
the way forward was seamless, I was
scared, tho’ I do, recollect the craft,
the picture perfect, love anecdote!

I wonder’d the state of impasse,
a lonely tree, comes to terms with
a passing train, moving with the wind,
like a wind, I mulled
who owes the other most?

You dressed the nakedness in me
You killed the destitute in me
You exposed the fiction, I lived in
You gave freedom to the slave in me
You were my artistic rendition
You undid the soul in me!

By troth, wasn’t ours a cute tale?
What’s the intent of separation & rupture?
Is love always destined for desinence?
the desolation, the despair, the silence
and the suffering is unendurable!

Yet whatever dies, the pleasure of
crafting you in my life buoyantly
like our two loves to-be one, no day
thou and I, or, our love shall die!


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