As I stare hard at the pool of water,
I could see, the little drops of drizzle
making my face cloudy and blurry,
I face towards the skies which offers
me a wicked smile filled with satire!

I walk the roads, perhaps
the walk of my life, searching
for nothing, but to encounter
the raveled edge of life,
I walk along one more mile, one more mile,
yet a thousand miles far from home!

Home? Which was my home? What is a home?
Which was my family? Who were my friends?
Not knowing the answers,
I chose to walk a mile!

I have had always taken the stage,
with a glee on my face,
with no fear to encounter the race,
it all seemed way too natural and easy for me,
yet, I walked a mile!

I talk, not to many, yet a few
whose faces glowed even in the darkest of hours
when I closed my eyes, coz they were
my sole torch who eased my way
wend towards the journey!

When the foot seemed too heavy to step further,
when fatigue took toll on me,
I always found a hovel to rest my soul
And those were the few faces which stayed yet!

I don’t choose to be an isolated animal,
it’s just that, every soul had a
reason to be part of our life,
when their cause was met, they were long gone,
some stand close to leaving you, while
only a few would stand by till the
wheel of your life is spun.

Now, I knew, I can’t stay put,
I need to move, that was my purpose of being here,
I chose to break away from my kith’s and kins,
Although, I’m too far to regret my sins!

I have had many a jobs for a while,
yet, I chose to live on my own style,
ofcourse, there is nothing with me, but
there is always a road, stretching mile after mile
I had nothing to do, but go!

No matter wherever I go, wherever I dwell,
I would dally with the winds and laugh at hell,
For now,
I’m sitting,
I’m thinking,
I’m yearning,
to go far away, to go way too faraway…… !


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