Now that I was affected by it,
I could no longer pretend to be lifelike,
right there, as it is ought to
become more dramatic than you have thought, so
bringing the lines for you is
the discontented sojourner in me…..!

Where were we?

We were standing in that hermit pathway,
there was absolute silence in the air
the wind was trying to intrude in to our dialogues,
as my arm fans your cheek, the
solitary road looked like a solitary world to me~

Let me freeze that moment, let me
freeze the time and the world around us…
I’m too week to move ahead
what if I don’t experience it all again…
this moment of isolation except you,
surrounds me with scores of insecurity!

As I hop on to a dream within a dream
I deceive you to the world of buoyancy,
For years together we create a world
where the oceans meet a bleak desert
for us, to dine under the aroma of seabed!

I’m scared to live in reality, I
refuse to endure with you not being near,
Whatever my mission was, I could never
tolerate even the soft breeze to come near you!
Perhaps that was the reasoning behind a
dream within a dream, a well conceived whim,
which I brought through my fantasy mime!

The earth is all before me, indeed before us,
I see the liberated soul in you,
from the wandering clouds, the shining stars,
quietly blinking moon, to the brightly eruptive sun,
there was nothing which could match up to the
joy as You!

We walk past the endless palms, till
the sun had almost touched the horizon,
peeping at us, with a backward glance.
All that, I have created for you, are the bunch
of memories which I recollected from our real world,
All that I’m ought to create for you are the
heap of dreams which I wish to recollect
after a thousand years, Such hope was mine!

Time, Place, People, I don’t seek anything,
except for your soul, my passion for you
was so eternal, that at times I went in to the
zone of envying even the lover in me!
Even if a thousand worlds were to
descend upon us, I would fight
spear to spear, sword with sword
for the glory of you!

Even I were to die a slow and gradual death, then a wish,
My last, with so much of yearning is
that, we become the immortal souls
in a world of dreams, created by us, for us!

Let me dream, let me dream
and never wake up!


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