a writing without daunting…..! for the alkies!

As I lie on the ground with nothing covered on me,
except for nakedness, I could view
the world of nudity through my eyes!
My hand stretches for the little drops of whisky
leftover in the snifter, the aroma of
whisky drives me to the highest altitude
suddenly my bareness is exposed and I
gravitate between the skies and the stars!
I aint sure, whether I am above or below the terra firma.
All I could sense was the never ending smile on my face
I am happy but the reason is wispy, I had
become a floater on the street, perhaps I dreamed
of wandering without a destiny
I aint tired, I aint sadistic, it’s just
that I am revealed in to the world of blitheness
yeah, I could even eye my byplays in the potter’s field
although my gratefulness remains with the whiskeys,
Didn’t I tell you, I am a happy alkie!


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