It’s a world, no one has ever been
I’m the only one, waiting for thee’

Fate had sealed our destiny back in earth
I broke, sobbed, moaned, wept with my
thoughts all but in vain! Overtime, I was
bored to tears! Deep down, I was unable
to make meaning with the way I parted!

Thus, you live on high, and then on
earth you live again; I’m sure you
remember the soul, that left to
create a new world for you!

I imagined and fancied thy world,
there ain’t dawn or night, but only
dusk throughout the light!
My smiles were broken into pieces
Every minute moved like an eon
I was just a dead man walking!

Whenever I wander’d on those winter twilight,
an air of melancholy surrounded me!
the autumn brought agony, along
with despair and my heart sought ways to part!
I walked past endless miles, I cringed with
you not being nigh ~ it’s your breathe
inside me, which gave me hope!

For the creators, who hold my grudge
my sorrows and their delights
my passion against their malice
I’ll prove the immortality of love!

My poesy would celebrate our love
and many a verses, I wish to pen
with you beside tipping my lips and
walking alongside my shadow or as my shadow!

Expressed words and penned lines, I recollect
Unuttered love and repressed emotions, haunts me eternal!

My love, you are a classy art
as long as men breathe and eyes see
I would never budge to depart!
When everything else fades, the makers
would realise, love goes beyond life and death!

O’ my crying thoughts
O’ my betray’d gods
O’ my grieving heart
O’ my flames have gone high
And my soul walks in the mighty skies!

Alive and dead; the wait is ever excruciating
I’m waiting for every day to bed again
but not yet, not yet ~ for now, I’m
just a dead man walking!!!


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